Employment Law Advice For Employees

Our highly qualified, experienced solicitors provide legal advice for employees covering maternity rights, unfair dismissal, discrimination, harassment, redundancy and more. They will work with you closely to achieve your objectives and protect your rights as an employee.

We can act for individuals in any sector, offering independent legal advice to employees on settlement agreements, grievances or disciplinary action. Plus, we can represent you in Employment Tribunal and High Court claims.

Legal Advice For Employees

We have one of the largest employment law teams in the Midlands that can assist nationally, offering you access to a wealth of expertise in every possible workplace situation – recruitment, employment, sick leave, maternity or shared parental leave, discrimination, dismissals and retirement. 

As we work with employers, we understand employment relations from both sides of the party. We can therefore provide effective solutions.

When you instruct us to help tackle unfair workplace practices or employment law problems, you will receive expert advice tailored to your circumstances. Our experienced litigators can negotiate and review settlement agreements, advise on redundancy, TUPE, and your contract of employment, represent you through disciplinary action and discrimination disputes, obtain a work visa and answer any other questions.

If your case goes further, we have the experience to represent you in Tribunal and High Court Proceedings and secure the best outcome. Whichever route is more appropriate, our specialist solicitors will guide and support you each step of the way.

Your Employment Rights

Employment rights are in acts of law, case law and your contract of employment, and some derive from custom and practice. Understanding employment rights, and knowing if they are being breached, is the first step to ensuring you’re treated fairly at work. Here are some of the common issues we cover:

  • Your rights at work – employment law basics, how your rights work, the different types of workers and how their rights can vary 
  • Health and safety – your employer’s obligation to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, and your responsibilities
  • Time off work – including holiday pay, sick leave and family-centred rights, such as maternity and paternity leave.

Problems At Work

We can spend up to 90,000 hours at work over our lives, and all sorts of issues can arise in that time. There are several ways to deal with these problems, including informal discussions with your employer, formal procedures put in place by your company, or even taking your case to an employment tribunal.

  • Dealing with problems at work – we can analyse workplace disputes and explain your options for dealing with them
  • What to do when work comes to an end – whether you’re leaving a job on good terms or bad, we have all the advice you need about dismissals, redundancy and retirement
  • Discrimination – we can explain the different types of workplace discrimination, how to recognise them, and what to do if you are being treated unfairly or discriminated against.

Why Employees Turn To Us

When you choose our team, you receive:

  • Our partner-led service 
  • A Legal 500 recognised law firm
  • A Lexcel accredited and Solicitors Regulation Authority authorised law firm
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of British and International employment law
  • Our nationally recognised solicitors 
  • Our international network of associations across 40 countries


Absolutely. For your settlement agreement to be legally binding, it must be reviewed by an independent solicitor. Your employer will likely recommend an impartial solicitor, but our services are available if you would like to choose your own.

We can help you

  • With independent legal advice on a settlement agreement
  • Fight an Employment Tribunal Claim
  • Negotiate severance terms High Court Claim
  • Consider TUPE issues effecting your employment
  • Take advice on disciplinary action
  • Deal with a grievance
  • Answer your questions concerning a redundancy/restructure
  • Answer questions concerning confidentiality and restrictive covenant provisions
  • Answer questions concerning a discrimination issue
  • Answer questions on application of a contract or policy
  • Obtain a work visa
  • Navigate any other matter concerning your employment

Our Employment Law Solicitors

We have a team of employment solicitors who represent employers and employees, meaning they understand both parties’ intentions and obligations. They have been accredited by the Legal 500 and have years of combined experience. Discover their profiles and specialisms.


Where Can I Get Employment Law Advice?

If you believe you have been treated unfairly at work, we can provide legal advice. Our employment lawyers based in Solihull and Birmingham regularly represent clients in Tribunals and High Court litigation and can advise on employment immigration issues across the UK and beyond.

By reaching out to our law firm, you will be looked after by an established team of expert employment law professionals with a reputation for delivering bespoke solutions that meet your objectives. Call our offices today to get started.

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