We provide specialist advice to businesses on immigration applications for the purpose of entry to the UK and related issues.

We advise employers who are recruiting specialist workers from overseas under the UK Points Based System and other immigration routes, as well as high net worth individuals who are looking to invest in the UK, or who wish to set up a business in this country.

We can help with visas for representatives of overseas businesses or business visitors, as well as on other business immigration routes in to the UK including new routes available for the recruitment of workers from the European Union following Brexit. Many of those routes often allow partners and dependants of the main visa holder to enter the UK, often giving them the ability to work in the UK as well.

The team, headed by Pam Sidhu, is at the cutting edge of immigration law, having already advised successfully on a number of frontier worker permit applications and the new BNO visa for Hong Kong nationals.

Clients describe the team as “highly responsive” and "thorough", offering an efficient and reliable service. Time is often of the essence in such situations, making responsiveness a valuable quality for a business immigration adviser.

The team works closely with UK authorities and is familiar with the processes and procedures around issues associated with business immigration.

We can help you

  • Apply for a UK sponsor licence
  • Understand and comply with your duties as a sponsor
  • Apply for visas for workers coming to the UK
  • Move staff within a global enterprise
  • Defend prosecutions for illegal working
  • Prepare documentation for business visitors entering the UK
  • Apply for a frontier worker permit
  • Apply for a business visitor visa
  • Apply for an entrepreneur visa
  • Apply for a visa as a representative of an overseas business
  • Apply for a Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Visa
  • Apply for an extension of leave/settlement in the UK
  • Apply for British citizenship

We can also advise on

  • Bringing EU workers into the UK following Brexit
  • How to move staff within a global enterprise
  • How to carry out ‘right to work’ document checks on workers


What our clients say


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