Defamation can occur when someone says or publishes something which is untrue and causes serious harm to your reputation or the reputation of your business.

Defamatory statements can be published in a variety of ways including in a spoken statement, in newspapers, magazines, employee references, on social media or on websites.

Our team can help offer a range of practical advice and representation in respect of all aspects of defamation and reputational risk management.

We can help you

  • Take steps to protect your reputation
  • Pursue or defend pre-action protocol correspondence
  • Pursue or defend defamation proceedings
  • Seek or defend Injunction actions
  • With disputes relating to misuse of private information or breach of confidence
  • With settlement negotiations and represent you at mediation


Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore

Associate Solicitor, Employment

Nigel Wood, Commercial Litigation, The Wilkes Partnership, Birmingham Solicitors Birmingham
Nigel Wood

Senior Partner, Dispute Resolution

What our clients say

  • The Wilkes Team worked collectively to provide us with expert advice. They were flexible in adapting to a number of changes, which helped to contribute to the successful completion of the deal.

    - Tom Queenan, Corporate Banking Manager, Handelsbanken