We are one of few firms outside London to have a dedicated full-time contentious probate team. Although this is a complex and specialist area of law we have a strong track record of providing of achieving the right outcomes for our clients. Our team is able to advise you in clear terms with minimal jargon.

We appreciate that the dispute may be emotionally involved for you and we are therefore committed to resolving your matter as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. We find that by tackling issues head on a significant proportion of cases can be settled without needing to involve the Courts, which reduces expense and stress.

Our experience has shown that it is usually possible to resolve a dispute without the need to take it to trial. Our key focus is to act speedily and add value to your position at all times to resolve the problem or issue you have.

We can help you

  • challenge the validity of a will – for instance the will was forged, there was a lack of capacity or the deceased was a victim of undue influence
  • bring a claim against an estate for financial provision under the Inheritance Act 1975
  • defend a claim brought against the estate where I am a beneficiary or Administrator
  • remove an Executor or Trustee
  • bring a claim for professional negligence
  • bring a claim for breach of trust
  • enforce a promise made to me by a deceased relative
  • receive advice about my role as Administrator of an estate
  • enter or remove a caveat


  • Andrew Hasnip

    Andrew Hasnip

    Partner, Private Client

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  • Kevin Lynch

    Kevin Lynch

    Partner, Contentious Probate & Property Litigation

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  • Jack Ackrill

    Jack Ackrill

    Associate Solicitor, Will Disputes & Contentious Probate

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  • Joanne Wright

    Joanne Wright

    Solicitor, Contentious Probate & Property Litigation

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  • Ayesha Sirpal

    Ayesha Sirpal

    Solicitor, Contentious Probate & Property Litigation

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