Joanne Briscoe

Associate Solicitor, Employment


About Joanne

Joanne boasts a wealth of experience in employment law, offering comprehensive guidance to both employers and employees across various areas. Specialising in tribunal proceedings, grievance and disciplinary matters, dismissals, restructures and redundancies, Joanne ensures her clients receive expert legal guidance tailored to their specific needs. Her expertise extends to advising on equality and discrimination issues, workplace stress, sickness absence, and confidentiality matters, providing invaluable support to navigate complex employment challenges. Joanne also  offers TUPE advice, family-friendly rights, and settlement agreements, assisting her clients to address legal issues effectively. Furthermore, Joanne leverages her skills to review and draft employment contracts and handbooks, delivering documentation to safeguard her clients’ interests. Joanne also extends her expertise to support the corporate team and their business clients, providing invaluable advice on transactional matters to ensure legal compliance and mitigate risks effectively.

Professional Commitment

Joanne demonstrates a strong commitment to community engagement and professional development. As a member of the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA), Joanne remains actively involved in ongoing learning and networking within the legal community. Her commitment to supporting education and fostering community growth is evident through her volunteer trustee role at the Elston Hall Learning Trust for the past five years. By serving as a trustee, Joanne contributes her time and expertise to enhance educational opportunities and support the development of future generations. Joanne’s multifaceted dedication to legal excellence and community service exemplifies her as a trusted advisor and a valuable asset to both her clients and the broader community.


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