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Our team of Court of protection and Deputyship solicitors can see you through the process of applying to the Court of Protection to become your loved one’s deputy.

A deputy is appointed by the Court of Protection to make decisions in relation to property and financial affairs as well as health and welfare where a person has lost mental capacity.

Unless your loved one has already prepared an Enduring Power of Attorney (pre 2007) or Lasting Power of Attorney which appoints you as their Attorney, then in order to have the authority to deal with their affairs you would need to apply to the Court of Protection to become their Court Appointed Deputy.

Furthermore we can offer a full Deputyship service if necessary, which will see one of our qualified solicitors act on behalf of your loved one.

The Court of Protection is a branch of the high court of England and Wales and are responsible for making decisions on financial or welfare matters for people who can’t make decisions at the time they need to be made.

You can find out more about the Court of Protection on the .Gov website here.

We can help you

  • Apply to the Court of Protection to become a loved one’s Deputy
  • Put in place a statutory will
  • Understand your duties as a Deputy
  • Complete annual deputy reports
  • Where there is a dispute involving a power of Attorney
  • Where there is a dispute regarding an application to the Court of Protection
  • Apply for court approval of a decision
  • Make an application to remove a deputy or attorney
  • Deal with a trust where a trustee has lost mental capacity
  • Take action where there is suspected financial or other abuse of a vulnerable adult


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