Wilkes Advises on Rollover as part of Sale of Healthcare Data Company, Stalis Limited

Wilkes, a leading law firm based in the Midlands, known for its transactional expertise, played a pivotal role in facilitating the successful rollover of shares as part of the acquisition of Stalis Limited (Stalis) by the Egress Group and FPE Capital (FPE).

The strategic transaction marks a significant milestone for both Stalis, Egress and FPE and highlights Wilkes’ commitment to delivering exceptional legal services in complex corporate matters.

Stalis, with over 35 years of specialised experience, is a key player in providing data migration and archiving services to the NHS, offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution for data extraction, quality assurance, transformation, migration, and archiving across various healthcare settings. This transaction therefore represents a strategic move in aligning with Egress, which operates in the data migration and integration domain and is backed by FPE, a growth equity investor based in London specialising in the UK lower-middle market.

Wilkes advised the management team of Stalis on their equity rollover into the Egress Group for reinvestment into the business. Rick Smyth and Christie Nelson in Wilkes’ corporate team guided the management team on various aspects of the rollover.

Rick Smyth, Corporate Partner at Wilkes said,

“This transaction showcases the depth of Wilkes’ capabilities in handling intricate agreements and navigating complex negotiations seamlessly. We are proud to have played a key role in facilitating this strategic acquisition, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional legal solutions for our clients,”

Kate Bryan, Managing Director of Stalis said,

“I am truly grateful for the invaluable advice and guidance provided by Rick and Christie at Wilkes on the rollover of the management team’s shares into the Egress Group. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure. Their patience in explaining everything to us has made our experience incredibly positive. Thank you for your exceptional support and expertise.”

Several other firms played integral roles in advising on this matter. Higgs LLP served as the solicitors for the sellers, advising on the main transaction. Stephenson Harwood advised the buy side. Headpoint Advisors played a crucial role in advising the sellers on corporate finance matters, while Claritas Tax provided invaluable guidance to the sellers in navigating tax considerations.

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