Wilkes and The University of Law Host Joint Competition for Aspiring Solicitors

Wilkes and The University of Law joined forces in a collaborative competition aimed at enhancing the practical skills of aspiring solicitors. The event saw six law students engage in mock interviews with Tim Coplestone, Partner in Wilkes’ esteemed Real Estate.

The competition was fierce as students showcased their legal acumen and interpersonal skills. After careful deliberation, a winner was chosen to receive the coveted prize of a week-long work placement at Wilkes city-centre office.

This collaboration was facilitated by Karen Maddox, former solicitor at Wilkes and now Senior Lecturer of Law at The University of Law, who recognised the invaluable opportunity for students to gain practical experience in a renowned legal environment and Sara Coyne, Senior Lecturer & Solicitor.

Reflecting on the event, Tim Coplestone, Partner at Wilkes, remarked,

“What a great event! Everyone who took part was highly impressive, each bringing their unique style to the table, demonstrating that personality and empathy is key to making a client feel appreciated, listened to and understood. The experience went beyond conducting mock interviews, to actually being advised in a faux real-world scenario with total immersive engagement.”

The competition wasn’t just a test of legal knowledge but also an exercise in client interaction and empathy, essential traits for any successful legal practitioner. The students demonstrated remarkable professionalism and adaptability, drawing praise from both industry professionals and educators.

Sarah Coyne, Senior Lecturer & Solicitor at The University of Law, expressed her satisfaction with the students’ performance, stating, 

“The students all acquitted themselves admirably. Karen and I felt a real sense of pride in their achievements, when Tim Coplestone, the partner at Wilkes commented on how universally impressed he was with the manner in which the students undertook the sessions and the content of the legal advice given. Tim threw himself into the role as an aggrieved client with much gusto, which made the competition all the more enjoyable. Same time next year!”

The collaboration between Wilkes and The University of Law underscores a commitment to nurturing the next generation of legal talent and providing them with real-world experience essential for success in the legal profession.

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