Unhappily married couples can’t afford to divorce

Inevitably many people will be worried about headlines such as this, but where this won’t affect those where there is a strong reason to get separated and divorced, it may well make couples who have merely fallen out of love with each other think twice before progressing matters.


Chris Allen-Jones, Partner in Family Law at The Wilkes Partnership, gives his top tips on how to minimise costs during a separation:

  1. Keep calm
    Keeping things calm and constructive is more likely to result in a quick and amicable settlement.
  2. Take legal advice early
    Taking early advice can be very helpful to help you understand your options so you can make informed decisions.
  3. Investigate all possible financial support:
    Benefits – We can help signpost you to benefits to which you may be entitled following a separation.
    Child maintenance – If you are caring for children you will, almost certainly, become eligible for child maintenance when you separate.
    Spousal maintenance – If you have immediate or long terms income needs and your partner has the ability to meet them then we can potentially help you get maintenance. In certain situations this can be before a final settlement and is known as a Maintenance Pending Suit and/or Interim Periodical Payments.
    Divorce loans – Third-party providers offer divorce loans also known as ‘litigation loans’ which allow you to borrow money to cover your legal costs.
    Legal Aid – Victims with evidence of domestic violence may be eligible for funding to help with legal costs.
  4. Mediation
    Mediation is a way of sorting out differences between you and your ex-partner, with the help of a third person who won’t take sides and is actively encouraged as a way to try and avoid going to court. Some people will be eligible for funding to help with some of the costs of mediation – https://www.gov.uk/guidance/family-mediation-voucher-scheme

Chris Allen-Jones said: “We know that separated couples are being forced to remain under the same roof, unable or reluctant to divorce due to the cost of living crisis. If you want to get divorced but are concerned about it getting too expensive, my advice is to keep the proceedings as amicable and respectful as possible, following my tips will help.”

If you have questions regarding separation or divorce, please contact Chris Allen-Jones on [email protected] or call 0121 233 4333.

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