How to avoid the Employment Tribunal when staff return to the office

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Employment law specialist Sarah Begley writes for HR Magazine on the implications for employers when the workforce begins to return to work – or to work between the office and home.

In her article Sarah talks about how employment contracts and policies must change and warns that incorrect handling could result in a raft of employment tribunal claims.

Certainly, working from home is a well-discussed topic and the section of any employment contract about ‘normal place of work’ will be one that will have permanently changed for many people. But while moving work from office-based to a hybrid or fully home-based model will undoubtedly require liaising with employees to find the right balance, this is one hurdle that can be relatively easily overcome.

One of the largest changes from working from home will be company policy and how to manage and measure workloads as well as the productivity of employees. Doing this correctly can make sure that employees are cared for and promoted when deserved. It is a move that will take time, but it should result in greater results rather than negative tribunals.

However, there are some areas that are not as easily handled with negotiation and communication between employer and employee.

Access the full article here.

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