Wilkes Launch HR Policies for Business

Wilkes’ Employment team are currently offering businesses the opportunity to purchase a comprehensive set of HR policies and procedures at a fixed price. They are the product of 25 years’ experience representing and advising many hundreds of companies in employment litigation, and have been ratified by HR professionals as well as solicitors.

Pam Sidhu, Head of Employment at The Wilkes Partnership, comments: “The starting point for any business is to have appropriate employment documentation in place. We have launched this new package of HR policies to enable our clients to manage their staff efficiently, avoid legal claims from arising and ensure managers have more time to run their businesses. These policies represent excellent value for money and are appropriate for all of our clients.”

Why do you need HR policies?

It is important to have HR policies for two principal reasons.

  1. It is compulsory by law for an employer to specify to its employees in writing how they can apply to have a disciplinary or grievance matter dealt with, and explain any procedures for dealing with such matters. So all employers (of whatever size) need to have a disciplinary policy and a grievance policy as an absolute minimum.
  2. Other policies are very important too – a comprehensive set of good employment policies and procedures ensure staff and managers are clear as to expected standards of behaviour and how matters will be dealt with internally. This, in turn, helps the efficient running of the organisation as well as to protect the business from legal claims (such as discrimination) and the associated costs, which can be substantial.

Which policies are included in the package?

  1. Holiday Policy
  2. Whistleblowing Policy
  3. Drugs and Alcohol Policy
  4. Bribery Policy
  5. Data Protection Policy
  6. Modern Slavery Policy
  7. Social Media Policy
  8. Grievance Policy
  9. Equal Opportunities Policy
  10. Harassment and Bullying Policy
  11. Maternity and Family Friendly Policy
  12. Flexible Working Policy
  13. Performance Improvement Policy
  14. Absence Management Policy
  15. Redundancy Policy
  16. Disciplinary Policy

Altogether, these policies can form a complete staff handbook.

Will these policies fit my organisation?

The policies are suitable for all small and medium sized businesses within the private sector. The 16 policies set out above will cover everything these organisations need from a HR perspective.

A few items in the policies may be covered by optional wording, for example, to specify the start and end of your holiday year, or to specify a manager/job title. These optional matters are clearly marked and have been kept to a minimum to save you time.

How much do the policies cost?

The entire package of 16 policies is available for just £550 +VAT.

Alternatively, individual policies can be purchased for £75+VAT.

What will I receive?

You will receive a link to download the policies you have purchased in Word format, as well as a hard copy in the post if required (please specify at the time of purchase if you require this). We can also brand the policies/handbook in your house style and with your company logo as required.

To discuss this service or any other query, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Employment team on 0121 233 4333 or email us at [email protected]


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