Strike Action at its highest level in 5 years, but why?

It is reported that strike action in the UK is at its highest in 5 years as pay is hit by rising inflation.

Between October 2021 and just the first 3 months of 2022, the GMB union alone has been involved in 42 employer disputes (well above pre-pandemic levels). The pandemic and its continuing impact on our society is driving workers to challenge inadequate pay and take strike action to ensure wages keep up with the sharp rise in the cost of living, amid signs that workplace hostility is growing rapidly within the economy.

Under UK employment law, workers have the right not to be dismissed or suffer detriment for going on strike, providing some pretty stringent conditions are met.

Jas Dubb, Associate Solicitor comments: “Over more recent years, rules around valid strikes have had even tighter restrictions implemented on what now constitutes legitimate industrial action under the Trade Union Act 2016. The Act’s provisions include minimum turnouts for strike votes, tighter time limits on mandates for strikes, restrictions on picketing and constitutional changes which give employers the chance to use the courts to stop strikes.”

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