34% divorce petition fee increase from 21 March 2016

Family lawyers have been made aware within the last couple of days that the Ministry of Justice intend to increase the fee for divorce petitions by 34% from Monday 21 March 2016. Aaron Keene, a partner at The Wilkes Partnership, said “ this increase is not justified in view of the fact that the actual cost to the Court service of an undefended divorce is in the region of £270.00. “

The divorce petition fee will increase from £410.00 to £550.00 on 21 March 2016. It is likely that other Court fees, such as for making an application within proceedings and also in respect of obtaining the approval of a financial consent order are to be increased within the next few weeks. The profession has not been notified of these changes directly and this will cause problems for practitioners who have asked for monies on account from their clients or already have letters in preparation this week submitting the divorce petition to the Divorce Unit for issue next week.

No formal consultation or announcement shows very poor management in respect of the implementation of this increase and a total lack of transparency from the Government.

Aaron Keene is also Resolution West Midlands Chair and Resolution nationally have condemned the stealthy implementation of the divorce fee hike.

If you would like further information in relation to this matter, please call Aaron Keene at The Wilkes Partnership on 0121 233 4333 for further information.

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