Secretary of State Rejects Plans for Wind Farm in Lincolnshire

The Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, has intervened to reject plans for seven wind turbines to the west of Louth Canal in Lincolnshire.

Stuart Tym, Head of Planning at Wilkes, lead the Council’s opposition to the appeal with the backing of the local community.

The plans, which would have seen seven 115m tall wind turbines built near Fulstow, were submitted to the Council by EnergieKontor UK.  After the original application was rejected, the Company appealed in 2015. The Secretary of State stepped in, and following an inspector’s report, and rejected the plans.

Stuart, said: “The community and myself worked hard to pull together a case against planning approval for these wind turbines. It is good to hear that we have been successful as these can be stressful times for residents and homeowners in the area.”

In the Inspector’s report, it was recommended the Department for Communities and Local Government throw out the application as damage to the heritage aspects of the area would not be outweighed by the public benefits of the proposed development. The report also found that the benefits would not justify the disruption to the landscape of the area and views from Lincolnshire’s villages.

“The intervention of the Secretary of State is a welcome conclusion to this matter” continued Stuart, “These plans would have been destructive to the beautiful landscapes and cherished heritage aspects of this part of the Lincolnshire countryside. I’m sure that there are options which are mutually beneficial to all concerned.”

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