The Wilkes Partnership Corporate and Employment Teams advise new venture BOOM Radio as it prepares for DAB launch

Helen Smart of the Wilkes Corporate Team has advised BOOM Radio UK on its initial investment round as it raised funds to launch a new service targeting the UK’s 14m-strong baby boomer generation.

BOOM Radio is the latest venture of local radio veteran Phil Riley. Phil has an impressive track record in the industry where he has launched a number of successful stations and guided others through significant improvement during a career spanning four decades.

As a new start-up venture Helen worked closely with Phil and the BOOM Radio team drafting documentation to support and implement the initial investment round. She has also provided advice to BOOM Radio on a number of commercial contracts in the run up to the station’s launch on 14 February 2021.

Helen said: “It’s been a fantastic experience working with the team at BOOM Radio. Phil had a very clear plan and The Wilkes Partnership has been able to offer advice in a number of areas to help put that plan into action. Their target audience, the “Silver surfers”, are in for a real treat when BOOM goes live!”

James Leo, Partner and Head of Employment in the Wilkes Employment Team, was also on hand to provide expert knowledge as staffing matters came into the spotlight.

James said: “Advising a new start-up business is always exciting. Working alongside Helen meant that we could share information efficiently to ensure BOOM Radio hits the market in great shape. It’s good to see that Phil’s wealth of knowledge and experience continues to help drive the radio industry forward to service the needs of a growing audience”.

Phil Riley said of his experience working with The Wilkes Partnership “The advice and guidance we’ve received from Helen and James has helped to deliver something that all ‘baby boomers’ have been crying out for: a radio station where familiar hosts play the music that’s the soundtrack to their generation.”

The Wilkes Partnership is proud of the innovative and dynamic teams who support all of our clients, from new start-up ventures to established and growing businesses. If you would like to speak to one of our experts about putting your business plans into action contact Helen Smart on 0121 710 5804 or at [email protected], or James Leo on 0121 710 5970 or at [email protected].

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