Divorce – The Curse of Social Media

In what seems to be a sign of the times, social media is playing a huge role in the breakdown of unhappy marriages.  The rise of social media is manifesting itself in a number of ways in divorce cases.

Sian Kenkre, specialist Family Law Solicitor at our Solihull office sheds some light on the issue.

“As family lawyers we are finding the use of social media as an argument for unreasonable behaviour becoming more common.

“Divorce and separation, as with many other aspects of our lives, was once something kept firmly behind closed doors for all but a handful of celebrities willing to share their most private battles on a public stage. Increasing numbers of ordinary couples are opting to go through public divorces, trading accusations online.

“In some cases that I have dealt with in recent years, the court has had to step in, in an effort to curb the volume and unpleasant nature of exchanges across various social media platforms.

“Whilst the aim is to resolve cases in an amicable manner, frequently some clients are so focused on attacking each other that they do not comprehend the impact until too late. Clients can often forget that their children will hear of the deterioration of their relationship which has become the topic of conversation at the school gates.

“A recent survey has found that nearly a third of Brits admit to using dating apps whilst in a relationship. Previously these apps would not have been involved in relationships, but again we are seeing a steady rise appearing in divorce proceedings.

“Naturally, the impact of social media has also shaped the way we are advising our clients. I would urge individuals to think before reacting to social media issues and not react online.

“Anything published online could be there forever and whilst it can be deleted in seconds, a screenshot of it cannot.

“Divorcing with dignity rather than discord tends to be a far better long term outcome. If social media issues arise, it is better to take early advice to understand options in the short and long term,”.

If you need advice on divorce or any other family related matters please contact Sian Kenkre at The Wilkes Partnership on 0121 733 8000 or via email at [email protected]

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