Will Disputes and Contentious Probate Matters

We are one of the few firms outside London to have a dedicated full-time contentious probate team.

A dispute over an estate places a charity in a difficult position. Your organisation must receive specialist advice about the risks and benefits of becoming involved in a dispute. Your organisation’s Trustees must think carefully before becoming embroiled in litigation but equally cannot simply forego a legacy left to the charity.

Although this is a complex and specialist area of law, our team is able to advise you in clear terms with minimal jargon. We find that by tackling issues head on a significant proportion of cases can be settled without needing to involve the Courts, which reduces expense and stress.

We can help you:-

  • receive advice on our role as a charitable beneficiary when a claim is brought against the estate
  • receive advice in circumstances where a legacy due to us is being challenged
  • receive advice where we think that an invalid will has been produced causing us a detriment
  • be advised on how to ensure our interest in an estate are being served during the estate administration process
  • bring a claim in professional negligence in relation to a will or an estate


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Andrew Hasnip, The Wilkes Partnership Solicitors, Birmingham, Solihull

Andrew Hasnip

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Nigel Wood

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What our clients say

“The Wilkes Partnership is a well established Birmingham player offering Clients a credible alternative to the large national practices. The Firm’s strategy focuses particularly on owner managed businesses and on being a second supplier of specialist legal services to plcs.”