Divorce via Facetime? The changing face of family law in 2016

Divorce may now be rapidly approaching a digital revolution if the vision of the Right Honourable, the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby comes to fruition.

Clare Fletcher, Associate Solicitor at The Wilkes Partnership said “In his vision for the future of the Family Court system, Sir James Munby made it clear that unless the Court had a proper IT system and an on-line digital Court within 5 years, the Court system would collapse.”

Sir Munby’s objective is to move divorce work to become on-line, the idea being that lawyers and indeed Litigants in Person, could complete a questionnaire on-line that would then form itself into a divorce petition.

This would produce an incredible saving in respect of costs Sir Munby believes and could result in District Judges conducting hearings in the privacy of their own houses rendering court buildings an unnecessary expense.

Clare Fletcher comments “Such a system may have its place but not every corner of England and Wales has access to the internet and online hearings put distance between the parties resulting in the loss of the dynamic of parties coming together at court with a view to resolving disputes.”

If you would like assistance in relation to the legal aspects of your family or divorce issues, please call Clare Fletcher at The Wilkes Partnership on 0121 733 8000.

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